Hello! I am Smriti, and I am an Integrated Lifestyle, Nutrition and Health Coach.

I was always against consuming pills and drugs (still am), as I firmly believe that our body is a super machine and is capable of healing itself, if we give it a chance. Popping chemicals and synthetic hormones in the name of medicines, is like putting a band-aid on the symptoms. Medicines don’t rectify the root cause and interfere with our natural body processes.

In the long run, you will see that the moment you get off medicines, the issues will still persist, and the symptoms would keep worsening. The body suffers from side effects, you start getting gut issues, and it’s a comprise on your overall immunity!

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There has never been a time where food could harm us more, than it is doing today.
And yet, there has never been an easier way of healing ourselves.
Diseases can be prevented, and diseases can be reversed. If only we could focus on EATING RIGHT!


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