Hello! I am Smriti, and I am an Integrated Lifestyle, Nutrition and Health Coach.

I was always against consuming pills and drugs (still am), as I firmly believe that our body is a super machine and is capable of healing itself, if we give it a chance. Popping chemicals and synthetic hormones in the name of medicines, is like putting a band-aid on the symptoms. Medicines don’t rectify the root cause and interfere with our natural body processes.

In the long run, you will see that the moment you get off medicines, the issues will still persist, and the symptoms would keep worsening. The body suffers from side effects, you start getting gut issues, and it’s a comprise on your overall immunity!

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"If you have tried all kind of diets, workouts, doctors and medicines to get healthy, and yet you feel you are not at your best, I invite you to explore the power of 'Food and Lifestyle' as Medicine!"

“Food is not just calories. Food is information for our body. The food we eat, talks to our genes.”

Every bite of the food that we eat, changes what happens within us. It sends signals to our biological systems, our glands, our hormones, our gut, the neurotransmitters, and switches on and off certain genes, which decide if we are heading towards sickness or health.

This is the science of Nutrigenomics, which has proven that just like wrong foods create ill health, the right kind of foods have the power to create good health. After all, food is the only fuel our body actually recognizes! 

We focus on empowering you to understand your body in-depth, and to make you understand how food communicates with your body. If you understand your body, you can not only prevent diseases, but also live a very active, happy and fulfilling life. Those who are already suffering from chronic ailments, can use the knowledge and process, to control and even reverse them. How empowering is that!

We will work with you very closely, and handhold you, and educate you on everything you need to know about your health issues, and how your body's biochemistry works.

“Our work revolves around bio-individuality.”

This means that we personalise everything for you basis your journey, your lifestyle, your genetic history, your health history, and your food and cultural preferences. We do not follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, because every human body is different, and everyone comes with a different objective in mind that they want to achieve. Also everyone reacts to different foods, differently!

“We emphasize a lot on GUT health!”

A good gut is the gateway to good health. So this remains the foundation of our work! 

Our programs are for 2 different categories of people

  • Those who are suffering from ailments and illnesses already, and want to regain their health

  • Those who are not unwell, but want to understand nutrition and its proper application in depth

Hope you will find something for yourself in our programs, to help you kickstart your journey to good health. 

This could very well be the most important and most significant journey of your life!  

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