Pre-Diabetes &
Diabetes (Type-2)


If you have been diagnosed with Pre-diabetes or Diabetes, then just figuring out ways to lower your blood sugar levels will not help.

What is needed is getting to the root cause of the problem, and treating the biological cause which led you to this stage. Only then can the disease be reversed.

These stages are caused by several factors like Nutritional deficiencies, Hormonal imbalances, Low immunity, Internal inflammation, Digestive imbalances, Environmental Toxins, Stress, and Metabolic Dysfunctions. These factors separately or clubbed together, can be leading you to Diabetes.

In this program, I will take you through the 7 steps of reversing Diabetes using therapeutic techniques, and several food and lifestyle changes.

Instead of focusing only on the symptoms, the program will focus on healing your entire system from within.
Also, this program is spread across 6 months, so that you have enough time to make all the changes slowly and adapt yourself easily to the new ‘healthier‘ way of living. There will be a 45 mins weekly video call/ meeting scheduled with me, where I will hand-hold you through the process and work closely with you to help you achieve the results you are looking for.
The Program will entail the following:

Information on the correct lab tests to do, to identify what health problems you have

Techniques to identify the root causes of your health issues

Personalised therapeutic treatments to help you address the root causes

Step by step process of learning to use ‘Food as Medicine’ and changing dietary habits to reverse the disease

Easy to follow food plans, with recipes and shopping lists

Lessons to how to shop smartly and look for food alternatives

Lessons on how to read and understand food labels

Supplements to take in order to improve insulin function and blood sugar balance

How to exercise more effectively to promote good health

Stress reducing tools and techniques

How to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins

Fee for the Program:

6 months Program/ 24 sessions with me (one per week – Sat or Sun, 45 mins each)
Charges – INR 70, 000 inclusive of taxes
Payable in advance and non-refundable