Quick Programs

These are short programs on specific topics and learning experiences. There will be new programs added here every now and then, and you can visit this page to keep exploring!
All these sessions are available on weekend only, with prior appointment. These sessions will be conducted online, through video calls and the preparatory material list (if any) will be emailed to you prior to the session.

10 days Detox Program

A great way to do a liver and gut cleanse! In this single session program, I will give you a food plan for 10 days to go through a complete cleanse of your organs and get that energy back.

I will coach you on what lies inside our gut, how the gut functions, how gut is connected to different diseases, benefits of the detox plan and why it’s needed, how the foods mentioned will work for your liver and gut, and the recipes links. This will get you fully informed and ready for a detox which you can do yourself anytime in the future as well, whenever you feel your body is fatigued and needs a power boost of energy!

Fee – INR 2500

Juicing & Blending

A single session program on how to juice and blend vegetables and fruits to get the maximum nutritional benefits! Includes understanding of different kind of juicers, and recipes for power packed protein smoothies and shakes, and recipes for juices which create health.

Fee – INR 1500

Food Fermentation

Fermented foods are a great way to consume beneficial bacteria which you need for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome! This single session program includes coaching on the benefits of fermentation, and shopping list and recipes for Kimchi, different pickled vegetables, Kefir and Sauerkraut.

Fee – INR 1500

10 Superfoods and their Application

A single session program where I will coach on 10 superfoods which should be part of our diet every day, and how to incorporate them for better organ and brain health. Includes shopping list and recipes to include these in your everyday meals.

Fee – INR 2500

Women Hormones and Cycle

This is a single session program especially for women who struggle with hormonal imbalances like PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis and Infertility. Also, for women who want to be self-aware about how their hormones change throughout the month.

This covers information on all the hormones that play a key role in a woman’s body, and the different monthly hormonal phases women go through, and what foods to incorporate during these phases, to maintain optimal health and periods.

Fee – INR 3500

Stress & Sleep Management Program

This program is divided into 2 sessions, covering Stress Management & Sleep Improvement

It covers understanding of sleep and stress hormones in the body, several stress management techniques and exercises for people who struggle with anxiety and chronic stress issues. Also includes several sleep improvement tips and techniques, and information on natural foods that induce better sleep, as well as guidance on sleep supplements which is especially helpful for people who suffer from insomnia.

Fee – INR 3500

Easy Diet & Lifestyle Changes for Optimal Health

A single session program covering top 10 easy changes you can make today, to start prepping your body for a healthy and active life ahead! Includes detailed understanding on how these changes will help, how to incorporate them, foods which are health magnets, and some recipes for improved digestion and bowel movement.

Fee – INR 2500