Functional Nutritionist | Functional Medicine Practitioner | Integrative Health Coach

Hi, I am Smriti.

Thank you for being here!

I am a Functional Medicine Practitioner, a Functional Nutritionist, a Health Coach, and an Educator, and I am passionate about working with people and helping them reverse their chronic conditions or diseases through extensive knowledge of human biochemistry. And what I use for healing and remission, is just 'Food & Lifestyle' medicines.

Functional Nutrition comes from the field of Functional Medicine, which considers the human body as one interconnected system, and focuses on finding and treating the root cause of an illness, as opposed to the conventional medical system, which focuses on symptomatic relief. It is based on the in-depth knowledge of the human biochemistry, and works on fixing the inflammation in the body, the immune system response, the digestive system, metabolic system, hormonal system, nervous system and the detoxification system.

Along with food changes, I also work on correcting lifestyle disorders which have a lot of influence on our physical health. A lot of stress is given on the internal healing of the body, especially the gut, from where most diseases originate. Correcting nutritional deficiencies, reducing the toxin load on the body, getting good sleep, following a proper eating hygiene, and addressing the root causes of discomforts, excess weight, body aches, digestive disorders etc, are very important to reverse any disease dynamics.

Everyone has a story, and here is mine!

I was part of the corporate world for 16+ years.  The work I now do in the field of healthcare, is my passion and a personal mission, in helping people achieve prime health! This includes creating awareness around the everyday choices people make, regarding their health and overall well-being. 

Disease and sickness is all around us, and most of it is self-created. If we learn the tools for creating a healthy body early on, many ailments, discomforts and pains can be prevented. That's why Functional Nutrition becomes a very important aspect in the field of healthcare, because we are yet to fully understand and harness the 'Power of Food' in the way we treat diseases. 

My interest in human anatomy and biochemistry developed when I was struggling with my own health issues. For years, I struggled with Amenorrhea (absence or very delayed periods), frequent swelling and bloating, stomach pains and rashes on my body, and did not understand why all of this was happening. 

I had to visit different doctors for all these symptoms, and none of them could connect the dots. I tried a few dietitians, but no one could give me diets which could heal me from within. I was prescribed hormone pills and other medicines, but I have always believed that popping chemicals and synthetic hormones in the name of medicines, is like putting a band-aid on the symptoms. Medicines don’t identify or rectify the root cause and eventually we become dependent on them for life, instead of healing. Not to mention, the health conditions worsen due to the side effects of medicines.

That’s when my journey into the world of health and nutrition started. I studied Integrative Nutrition from from the one of the best schools globally (based out of New York), and then went on to study Functional Medicine from the very best doctors and health experts in this field. I worked on myself and brought my hormones back in balance, and resolved all my gut issues without any medicines at all, and today I support and empower individual health transformations for people like you.

Every disease and every discomfort in the body is a sign of something gone wrong, which is almost always food and lifestyle driven. And that’s why the medicines I use to heal my clients are Food & Lifestyle itself!

Whether it’s thyroid not functioning properly, or blood pressure levels skyrocketing, or unexplained weight gain, or the body attacking itself (auto-immune diseases), all of this can be largely controlled and even reversed, just by understanding how our body works, and by making suitable changes in our lives which support our body.

I am grateful you are here, and I look forward to guiding you to find balance, happiness and joy, in your journey to health and well-being.