How is Sleep and Gut Health related?


A lot of research has been done on the connection between sleep and gut health, and it is astonishing to know that many cases of anxiety, depression and insomnia are connected to irregular and erratic sleep schedules.

Sleep affects the immune system significantly, and just two days of irregular sleep can alter your gut composition. Imagine! In just 48 hours, sleep can change how your gut behaves, thus impacting a lot of other hormones and bodily functions that are related to the gut.

If you are someone who is already suffering from chronic ailments like Type-2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure, and you have erratic sleep patterns and late-night sleep habits or if you sleep less than 6 hours a day, you are setting yourself up for more serious ailments in life. Ideal sleep duration is 8 hours, for the body to fully recover and restore itself at night.

Also, sleep timings are as important as the sleep duration and you should ideally follow the 10 pm – 6 am sleep cycle (with some variation, as suited to you).

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Functional Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Smriti is a leading Health Coach and Functional Medicine Practitioner, based out of Gurgaon, India.